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The Misadventures Of Fern & Marty Digital Album

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1. Vibes Vibes Vibes (feat. Aha Gazelle & Chris Durso)
2. Pop Out Revenge (feat. Amari)
3. Love 4 Real (feat. Daramola)
4. Who Else (feat. Andy Mineo)
5. Different People (feat. Tree Giants)
6. Maybe (feat. Chris Batson)
7. How Good
A Song For Cami
8. One With The New Yorkers (feat. Amari & Wordsplayed)
9. Usual Suspects (feat. Willow Stephens)
10. Time 4 That
11. Social SZN
12. Wayyyyy Back
13. Misfit Anthem (feat. Riley Clemmons)
14. Extra Wavy (Bonus Song)